Leaving BC to Teach in Another Province or Country

If you are planning to move to another province or country to teach, you should:

  • apply for a certificate from the Teacher Regulation Branch of the BC Ministry of Education
  • apply for a certificate from the teacher certification authority in the new jurisdiction.

To avoid delay, complete and submit the Statement of Professional Standing request form when you apply to us for your certificate. We will issue your BC Statement of Professional Standing at the same time that we issue your teaching certificate.

If you are planning to teach outside of Canada, the education authority in your new jurisdiction may or may not require you to submit your BC teaching certificate or BC Statement of Professional Standing. However, we recommend that you apply for your BC certificate once you have completed your teacher education program. If you wait to apply, the process will take longer and you will need to submit additional documentation. Also, if regulations change, there is the possibility that you may no longer qualify for a BC certificate.

The importance of maintaining your BC certificate

Once you qualify for a BC certificate, keep your certificate valid by paying the annual practice fee even if you are not teaching in BC. If you do not pay your annual practice fee, we will cancel your certificate. You will then have to apply for a new certificate if you wish to teach in BC in the future. We will complete an evaluation based on the regulations in place at that time and you may not qualify.

Download the applications and forms for certification: