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Required Items

Once you have submitted your application through the Applicants' Area, there are various supporting documents that will need to be submitted to support your application.

You will notice that some documents need to be verified. A verified copy is a photocopy on which a notary public or lawyer writes that it is “a true copy of the original,” signs the copy, and includes an official stamp or seal. Anyone who holds a current, valid BC teaching certificate can also verify your documents. He or she must include his or her full name, certificate number, and signature on the photocopy.

1.   Application for Teacher's Certificate of Qualification for International Graduates (COQI)
  • You must complete all sections of the COQI application form, available in the Applicants' Area. Please pay particular attention to the Academic Qualifications section by making sure you list all of your post-secondary institutions and awards. We will only accept your application if you answer all of the Personal Information questions and if you sign and date the Declaration of Professional Commitment.
  • Having a criminal record does not automatically make you ineligible for a certificate. However, you may be ineligible for a certificate if you make false statements or if you do not tell us about a criminal record. If necessary, we may ask you to complete an additional criminal record check so we can review all the details related to your offence.
2.   Consent to a Criminal Record Check form
  • Consent to a Criminal Record Check is included in the application and submitted to us with your application. We will forward your information to the Criminal Records Review Program of the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General and, in turn, they will return the results directly to us.
  • We cannot accept previous criminal record checks you have completed, and we cannot provide you with a copy of the results of this criminal record check.
  • Once you become certified, you will need to undergo a criminal record check every five years.
3.   Statement of Professional Standing
  • A Statement of Professional Standing is a document that states you are a teacher in good standing and that your teaching license has never been revoked, cancelled, or suspended for any disciplinary reasons. This document usually comes from the government body that oversees teachers. All Statements of Professional Standing must be mailed directly to us.
  • A Statement of Professional Standing is required from Wales, where you completed your teacher education program. This is required whether or not you have taught in Wales as it confirms that your program qualified for teaching in the public school system. You will need to obtain a Statement from:

General Teaching Council for Wales

4th Floor
Southgate House
Wood Street
CF10 1EW
Phone: 029.20550350
Fax: 029.20550360
  • Additional Statements of Standing are required from:
    • all other jurisdictions where you have held or hold a teaching certificate, whether or not you have ever taught in that jurisdiction and whether or not the certificate has expired.
    • all other jurisdictions where you have taught without registering with the government education body. In this case, you need to ask the employing school to write a brief letter answering the following questions: (1) What was the basis of your employment, for example, your degree or other teaching certificate? (2) Were there any concerns about your conduct or competence? (3) What were the details of your employment, including subjects and levels taught, dates of employment, and teaching load (full-time, part-time, teacher-on-call)? The letter must be signed, dated, written on letterhead, and mailed directly to us from the employer.
4.   Teaching Certificate
  • You do not need to submit this document. Your Statement of Standing will supply this information.
5.   Secondary School Graduation Diploma
  • If you completed your secondary schooling outside of North America, you must supply a verified copy of your secondary school graduation document. In Wales, this would be your O and A level certificates.
6.   Official Transcripts of All Post-secondary Studies
  • Official transcripts must be mailed directly to us from every post-secondary institute you have attended. We will not accept transcripts submitted by you even if they are sealed or notarized. We will not accept transcripts by fax or email.
  • If your transcripts do not include all of the information we need, we may ask for additional details, such as a syllabus. Your transcripts must show that you successfully completed your teacher education program. They should also indicate:
    • the dates you were enrolled
    • the name of each course you completed
    • your mark or grade in each course
    • the number of ECTS points or lecture hours you completed for each course
  • If the university asks what you would like on the transcript, provide the above information. Request that a diploma supplement accompany your transcript if possible.
  • If we receive transcripts in languages other than English or French, we will send a copy to you. You will need to have the documents translated according to our Translation Policy and send the original translations to us.
7.   Distance Teacher Education Program Details
  • If you completed any part of your teacher education program by distance or online education, please ask your Faculty of Education to send details about your program directly to us.
  • The details must state what courses you completed face-to-face and what courses you completed by distance or on-line. It must also provide the number of lecture hours you attended for each on-campus course and indicate how many days of practicum you completed in a classroom.
  • This information is required only for the studies you completed within your teacher education program. We do not require this information for academic courses you took outside the Faculty of Education.
8.   Degree Verification
  • If your transcript does not show the qualification that you received, you will need to submit a verified copy of the degree, diploma, or certificate. We will also accept a letter from the institution confirming the award of the qualification.
9.   Identification Documents
  • We require legal identification for all names appearing on the documents you submit as part of your application. We will only use your legal name on your certificate. We will not issue you a certificate that includes names for which official documentation does not exist.
  • We require a verified copy of your birth certificate as proof of your full legal name and birth date. Passports and citizenship documents are not acceptable in lieu of the birth certificate. If you were born outside of Canada and you do not have a birth certificate, you must have a notary public or lawyer prepare a statutory declaration in which you swear to the following:
    • your date of birth
    • your full name at birth
    • your birthplace
    • that you do not have a birth certificate
  • You must attach a verified copy of your passport, permanent residents card, or a Canadian citizenship card to the statutory declaration. Please see the Sample Statutory Declaration below.
  • We also require documentation for every other name you have used or are using. Please provide a verified copy of your marriage certificate, divorce certificate, or change of name certificate if any of these apply to you.
10.   Assessment Form
  • Please ask the principal, vice principal, or supervisor of your most recent teaching experience to complete the Assessment Form. She or he can print the form from our website and send it to us by mail or fax (604 775-4859). Assessments arriving by fax must have the school stamp or seal on the last page.
  • If you only have student teaching experience, please send us a copy of all of your final practicum reports instead of the Assessment Form.
  • If you have not taught in the last 10 years, please send us a copy of your last teaching report.
  • If you are unable to provide us with an assessment, please provide a written explanation. We will review the information and, if possible, inform you of an acceptable alternative.
11.   Two Confidential Character Reference Forms
  • You will need to complete page 1 of each Confidential Character Reference Form. You will need to ask two referees to complete page 2. We do not accept letters of reference as a substitute for the character reference forms.
  • A referee must not be your relative, partner, or spouse (or equivalent) and must have known you for at least two years. Your referees do not need to be in BC, and they do not need to have seen you teach.
  • Your referees must submit the forms directly to our office by mail, fax, or scanned email.
12.   Verification of Employment
  • We require verification of your teaching experience for each year of the last ten years. If you have not taught within the last ten years, we need verification for the last twenty years. If there has been a period of time in which you did not work, please provide a brief outline of your activities during this time.
  • The verification must indicate when you were employed, what you taught, and whether you worked full-time, part-time, and/or as a teacher-on-call. For part-time and teacher-on-call experience, we require the percentage of full-time or number of days you taught each year.
  • You can provide us with verification of your teaching experience in one of the following ways:
    • ask your employer(s) to send us a letter that clearly states the necessary information
    • ask your employer(s) to complete our Verification of Employment Form
    • send us copies of letters that you already have
  • If you only have student teaching experience, please ask your university to send us a letter stating the number of days of student teaching you completed.
13.   Language Proficiency
  • You do not need to take a language proficiency test if you have completed all of your post-secondary education in Wales or in other countries where English or French is the only official language. For moreducation bodye information, see Acceptable Tests of Language Proficiency.
14.   Application Fee
  • Please submit the non-refundable Application Fee of $395 with your application form. This amount includes the criminal record check fee. Please see Fee Information for more details.
Additional Information
Expected Credentials
  • Degree names vary by country. However, it is expected that applicants will have the equivalence of an undergraduate degree and teacher education program, totaling at least four years of full-time post-secondary study.
  • For additional information about eligibility requirements, please read the Overview of Eligibility Requirements for International Graduates.
Our Policy Regarding Your Documents and Fees
  • You must complete the application process within three years from the date you submit your application for certification. Applications that have not been completed within three years will be considered abandoned and will be closed. If you have not completed the certification process within this three-year period and still wish to apply for certification in BC, you will be required to submit a new application and the application fee.
Potential Results
Application Results
  • The outcome of your application will be one of the following:
    • Eligible for a Professional Certificate
      The Professional Certificate signifies that you meet all of BC's standards for certification. It does not have an expiry date and does not require you to complete any additional coursework.
    • Eligible for a Conditional Certificate
      You may qualify for a Conditional Certificate if you are close to meeting BC's requirements for certification, and you do not have another valid Canadian teaching certificate. The Conditional Certificate is valid for up to 5 years and requires you to complete coursework before the certificate expires.
    • Ineligible for certification
      You do not qualify for a BC teaching certificate, but we will explain what you need to do to qualify.
Teacher Education Programs Not Recognized for Certification
  • Teacher training varies greatly from country to country, and we do not recognize all programs for certification in BC. Some examples of programs that do not result in BC certification are:
    • very short programs
    • on-the-job or employment-based programs
    • programs completed entirely by distance education or on-line
    • programs that do not qualify for teaching in the kindergarten to grade 12 public school system
  • If you have completed a teacher education program that we do not recognize, you will not qualify for a certificate. Once we have completed the evaluation, we will send you a letter explaining what you need to do to qualify. You will also be entitled to an appeal if you have more information to present that we could not consider in the initial evaluation.

Last Updated: July 16, 2018