The Discipline Process

The Teachers Act sets out the discipline process for educators and creates a system where reports and complaints can be received by the Commissioner for Teacher Regulation concerning the conduct or competence of those holding certificates or letters of permission. The Commissioner acts in the public interest and is responsible for reviewing the information gathered and deciding which process is appropriate to address a complaint or report.

The Commissioner may:

  • take no further action and provide reasons for this decision
  • initiate an investigation
  • make or accept a proposal for a consent resolution agreement
  • issue a citation, which would lead to a hearing.

In any case, whether it is resolved through the disciplinary hearing or consent resolution process, there are several options available if the certificate holder is found to have breached the professional standards. These include a reprimand, suspension, placing limits or conditions on, or cancellation of a certificate.

Process Zoom In

Videos that describe your options for raising concerns about a certificate holder and that provide information about making a formal complaint to the Commissioner for Teacher Regulation have been prepared to help guide you through the process. Explore the videos.

Office of the Commissioner for Teacher Regulation

Ensuring that concerns about the competence and conduct of certificate holders are addressed independently, fairly, expeditiously and in the public interest.

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