Public Hearings

Disciplinary hearings are open to the public to the fullest extent possible, and hearing panel discipline decisions and the reasons for these decisions are also made public.

The hearing process under the Teachers Act is briefly described in The Discipline Process brochure. If you require additional detail about the hearing process, please refer to the Teachers Act and the Commissioner's Rules.

Unless otherwise indicated, all public hearings will be held at the Teacher Regulation Branch, suite 400, 2025 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC. Please note that the public may be excluded from all or part of a hearing pursuant to section 61(2) of the Teachers Act.

Notification of a public hearing will occur approximately 10 days in advance of the hearing. If you would like to attend a hearing, please read the Visitor Protocol for Hearings and make a reservation through the Visitor Reservation Form.

The outcome of a hearing is determined by a hearing panel.

How Hearing Panels Are Appointed

The determination of panels is made by the Commissioner for every case that proceeds to a hearing. The Commissioner pulls panelists from the Disciplinary and Professional Conduct Board — a pool of nine members from the BC Teachers' Council — and may also appoint members of a public panel pool to a sit on hearing panels as appropriate.

The Teachers Act requires that panels are appointed based on the following criteria:

  • One of the three panel members must be a BCTF member, unless no BCTF member is available, and
  • One panel member must have knowledge and experience of independent schools if the case involves a respondent who holds an independent school teaching certificate.

Office of the Commissioner for Teacher Regulation

Ensuring that concerns about the competence and conduct of certificate holders are addressed independently, fairly, expeditiously and in the public interest.

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