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Regulatory Structure in BC

The current system for teacher certification, regulation and discipline administered by the Ministry of Education’s Teacher Regulation Branch came into force on January 9, 2012. The regulatory structure consists of five separate and distinct bodies, each of which plays its own unique role under the Teachers Act.

Commissioner for Teacher Regulation
  • Oversees all disciplinary processes.
  • Conducts preliminary reviews of certification appeals.
  • Assumes the role once played by the BC College of Teachers Council members with respect to professional conduct.

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British Columbia Teachers' Council
  • Consists of 15 members who have been elected or appointed, and one non-voting Ministry of Education representative, for a total of 16 members.
  • The Council establishes standards for the conduct and competence of applicants and educators, sets standards for the education of applicants for certification, establishes teacher education program approval standards, and determines if teacher education programs meet these standards.

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Disciplinary and Professional Conduct Board
  • Consists of nine Council members who are appointed by the Minister of Education. The Commissioner draws from this group to serve on three-member hearing panels.
  • The Commissioner may also appoint non-Board members from a nine person pool of lay people with legal and/or regulatory experience to serve on hearing panels.

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Director of Certification
  • Issues, suspends and cancels Certificates of Qualification, Independent School Teaching Certificates and Letters of Permission.
  • Maintains the Online Registry of certified educators, their certificate status, and any disciplinary action, if such a record exists. This list is publicly accessible on the Teacher Regulation Branch website.
  • Ministry of Education staff member.

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Independent School Teaching Certificate Standards Committee (ISTCSC)
  • Consists of three members who have been appointed by the Minister of Education.
  • The ISTCSC establishes the standards that are required to be issued an independent school teaching certificate and to maintain an independent school teaching certificate.

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Teacher Regulation Branch
  • Administers the certification and disciplinary processes for over 68,000 certified educators in the kindergarten to grade 12 public and independent school systems.
  • Serves as the operational arm of the regulatory structure providing administrative support to the various regulatory bodies listed here.
  • Part of the Ministry of Education.

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