Proof of Certification

In your professional and personal life, you may occasionally need to provide proof that you hold or have held a Ministry of Education certificate.

This section describes how you can provide proof of certification to an employer or to another individual or organization. It also describes how to obtain a Statement of Professional Standing so that you can apply to work in a jurisdiction outside of BC.

Proof of Certification

You may be asked by an employer to show proof that you are a certificate holder in good standing with the Ministry of Education. There are two ways to do this:

  • Ask your employer to enter your name into the Online Registry of Certificate Holders. The online registry is linked to our database and provides an authoritative and up-to-date account of your current certificate status.
  • Ask your employer to use the Employers' Area of this website. We provide employers with special online tools and services that help them verify a potential employee's status.

Proof of Certification for Award Nominations

Nomination packages for awards such as the Prime Minister's Award for Teaching Excellence often require proof that the teacher being nominated is a certificate holder in good standing.

If you require this proof, please send an email to the Branch using our feedback page and we will send a letter confirming the certificate holder’s standing. In your email, include the name of the educator being nominated for the award and his or her certificate number. Please also specify whether we should send the confirmation letter to the nominator or the nominee, and provide the applicable address.

Leaving BC to teach in another province or country

If you are planning to move to another province or country to teach, you may need to apply for a Statement of Professional Standing to be sent to that jurisdiction. You will also want to consider maintaining your BC Ministry of Education certificate by paying the annual practice fee while you are working elsewhere. If you don't pay the annual fee, your certificate will be cancelled and you will have to start the application process for a new certificate if you wish to return to BC to teach. You would then be subject to the current certification requirements at the time of your application.

Statement of Professional Standing

If you are moving to another province or country to teach, the body that regulates teachers in that jurisdiction may need a Statement of Professional Standing sent to it. This is a letter that confirms the standing of your certification in BC. If you would like us to send this letter, please complete and submit to us the Statement of Professional Standing Request Form. We will then prepare and send the letter to the body that you specified in the form.

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