Fee Information

The Teachers Act requires that your annual practice fee must be paid by May 31 to retain a valid BC Ministry of Education certificate. The annual fee is $80. The Teacher Regulation Branch will charge you a late fee of $30 for a payment that is received between June 1 and 30.

If your annual fee continues to be outstanding after June 30, your certificate will be suspended and an additional late fee of $30 becomes due and payable for a total of $140.

If you do not pay your annual fee by October 31, we will cancel your certificate. If your certificate is cancelled, you will have to apply for a new certificate under the certification requirements in place at that time.

Read more about the requirement to pay the annual fee in the Annual Fee FAQ.

Learn about the Confirmation of Annual Practice Fee Payment and how to access it

Find out how to obtain a tax receipt or information slip for preparing your tax return under Income Tax Receipts.

Payment Methods

  1. Payroll Deduction: The Teachers Act requires that boards and authorities deduct the fee from certificate holders they employ. For certificate holders employed in these systems, there is no need to submit a fee. Note: Certificate holders are responsible for ensuring their annual practice fee is paid. If you are on leave, intermittently employed or teaching on call, please confirm payment arrangements with your employer. Read more in the Annual Fee FAQ.
  2. Pay online via credit card: visit Your Account to pay online. Note: Credit card data should not be emailed.
  3. Other payment method: Pay by cheque, made payable to the Minister of Finance - please include your certificate number on the back of the cheque and bring or mail it to the Teacher Regulation Branch. Post-dated cheques will not be accepted.

Payment Deadlines

March 1: Annual fee notice mailed and online fee payment available.
May 31: Last day to pay annual fee without penalty.
June 30: Last day to pay annual fee with a late fee but without suspension.
July 1: Certificate suspended for non-payment of fees. Renewal of certificate requires payment of the annual fee and two late fees of $30 each for a total of $140 payable until October 31.
November 1: Certificate cancelled for non-payment of fees. Completion of the application and evaluation process will be required for a new certificate.

Confirmation of Annual Practice Fee Payment

Beginning in July of each year, you will be able to access your personalized Confirmation of Annual Practice Fee Payment through Your Account. The confirmation verifies that the Teacher Regulation Branch has received and reconciled your annual practice fee.

Income Tax Receipts

  1. If your employer pays your fee: If your employer (the school board or independent school authority that employs you) deducts the annual fee from your pay, this amount will show on your T4 slip. A tax receipt will not be available to you through Your Account.
  2. If you pay your fee online or by cheque: If you pay your annual fee directly to the Teacher Regulation Branch by using your credit card online or by writing a cheque payable to the Minister of Finance, you will be able to print your tax receipt from Your Account. The tax receipt for your annual fee payment will be available in February of each year.

Downloadable documents and forms: