Excusing Coursework Based on Experience

If you hold a Conditional or Interim Certificate, you may be able to have some of your coursework requirements excused. You must demonstrate that you have taught successfully in an acceptable BC school for at least 1.5 years full-time (or equivalent part-time). Teacher-on-call experience, or substitute teaching, is not accepted to excuse coursework.

Conditional Certificate holders may have a maximum of 6 credits of education coursework excused. Interim Certificate holders may have a maximum of 12 credits of academic coursework and 6 credits of education coursework excused. English and French literature and composition coursework cannot be excused.

To request to have your coursework excused, you must send us the following three items:

  1. a written request that you would like to have coursework excused
  2. verification of your full-time and part-time teaching experience in acceptable BC schools (not teacher-on-call)
  3. a detailed teacher evaluation report written by your superintendent, principal or vice principal. The report should be comprehensive and address your overall competency as an educator. The areas generally described in a teaching report include topics such as planning, organization, lesson delivery, classroom management, assessment, interaction with parents, etc. If there is a specific course you would like to have excused, the report must also attest to your competency in this area. For example, if you would like the requirement for a special needs course to be excused, the report should describe your ability to plan Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) and integrate special needs students into your class.

Downloadable documents and forms:

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