Criminal Record Check

Pursuant to the Criminal Records Review Act, all Ministry of Education certificate holders must undergo a criminal record check, which includes a vulnerable sector check, every five years. The Teacher Regulation Branch of the Ministry of Education facilitates this requirement by collecting your authorization and submitting it to the Criminal Records Review Program of the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General who will perform the criminal record check.

If you authorize the Teacher Regulation Branch to submit your authorization for a five-year check on an ongoing basis, you will be notified when your authorization has been submitted.

The Teacher Regulation Branch does not share the results of criminal record checks with other organizations.

If you have not authorized a criminal record check through the Teacher Regulation Branch in the last five years, you may submit your authorization for a criminal record check by:

  • logging into your account in the Certificate Holders' Area and submitting your authorization online, or
  • mailing a completed paper-based Consent to a Criminal Record Check Form to the Teacher Regulation Branch.

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