BC Teachers' Council

The BC Teachers' Council receives its mandate from the Teachers Act. It is responsible for establishing the standards for the education, competence and professional conduct required of applicants and educators in BC, setting teacher education program approval standards, and determining if teacher education programs meet these standards.

The Council is comprised of 16 elected and appointed members, 15 of whom are voting members. Of the 15 voting members of the Council, 5 are elected from among the teachers of the province, 3 are appointed directly by the Minister based on nominations from the BC Teachers' Federation, and the remaining 7 are appointed by the Minister from other education partner groups' nominations. One non-voting member is appointed to represent the Minister on Council. Appointments to the Council typically occur in April of each year. Nine members of this Council, 5 of whom must be from partner groups other than the BCTF, are also appointed to the Disciplinary and Professional Conduct Board from which disciplinary panels are formed.

The BC Teachers' Council is currently reviewing the Standards for the Education, Competence and Professional Conduct of Educators in BC. To support the review, the Teacher Regulation Branch gathered feedback from certificate holders, teacher candidates, education partners, students, parents, and the public in the spring of 2016 and in the spring of 2017. Read more about the review process.

The following lists the current Council members and the zones they represent or the education partner groups that nominated them.

Name   Nominating Organization or Electoral Zone Term Expires *
Janine Fraser Interior Zone April 2021 (E)
Jatinder Bir Fraser Zone April 2021 (E)
Matthew Cooke Northern Zone April 2021 (E)
Marjorie Dumont Vancouver Coastal Zone April 2021 (E)
Alice Kedves Vancouver Island Zone April 2021 (E)
John Hall BC Teachers’ Federation April 2021 (A)
Jim Iker BC Teachers’ Federation April 2019 (A)
Rebecca Blair BC Teachers’ Federation April 2020 (A)
Carolyn Broady BC School Trustees Association April 2021 (A)
Susan Wilson BC Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils April 2019 (A)
John Tyler BC Principals' and Vice-Principals' Association April 2019 (A)
Jo-Anne Chrona First Nations Education Steering Committee April 2020 (A)
Ralf St. Clair Association of BC Deans of Education April 2021 (A)
Peter Van Huizen Federation of Independent School Associations April 2020 (A)
Tom Longridge BC School Superintendents Association April 2021 (A)
Paul Squires Ministry of Education At Pleasure

* (A) means the Council member was appointed; (E) means the Council member was elected.

Elections for the Council are held every three years. The next election will take place in the spring of 2021.