Program Approval

The BC Teachers' Council reviews and approves new teacher education programs proposed by post-secondary institutions in British Columbia. They are reviewed with an eye to ensuring that programs produce graduates that will meet the standards for educators in BC. Existing programs are reviewed to ensure that they continue to meet those required standards.

Process for Program Approval

The Council, in consultation with the Association of BC Deans of Education, is currently re-developing the process for the review and approval of changes to existing teacher education programs and of proposals for new teacher education programs.

  • TRB Review and Assessment Process: The first stage of the process is the Teacher Regulation Branch (TRB) Review and Assessment Process. The TRB, which provides administrative support to the Council, is available to liaise with teacher education programs considering program development to provide advice and respond to enquiries about the Council program approval process. The Council also forwards queries or notifications from teacher education programs about intended program additions or changes to the TRB for initial reviews, and to provide summary reports to the Council. The TRB Review and Assessment Process uses a defined series of steps to manage the process in a clear and consistent manner. Please note: the TRB is not mandated to approve teacher education program requests. Under the Teachers Act, the Council alone is authorized to approve new teacher education programs or changes to existing programs. Read the TRB Review and Assessment Process.