The Application Process for Graduates of a Teacher Education Program outside of Canada

The information in this section describes the process of applying for a Ministry of Education teaching certificate if you have completed a teacher education program outside of Canada.

How to apply for a Ministry of Education teaching certificate through the Teacher Regulation Branch


Review the information in the International Graduates section of this website including the country-specific information for the country where you completed your teacher education program.


Create a login in the Applicants' Area.


Complete and submit your online application through the Applicants' Area, where you can review a checklist of documents required for your application.


Ask the applicable institutions and individuals to complete and send the relevant documents directly to us. For example, your post-secondary institutions must send us your official university transcripts and your character references must send us the Confidential Character Reference forms. If these documents arrive at the Branch before your application, we will keep them and add them to your file when we receive your application.


Once we receive your application, we will create a file for you and place it in a queue based on the date we received it. we will email you within five to seven business days to confirm that we have received your application and tell you your file number.


Documents will arrive for your file at different times from different sources. We will add each document to your file as it arrives (as long as it is properly identified with your full name).


Please be patient as we review all files according to the date we receive your application. Once an evaluator has reviewed your file, we will send you an email listing any documents we are missing. You will be able to track in the Applicants’ Area which documents are outstanding.


Once we receive all of the required documents, we will complete the evaluation.

  • If you are eligible for a certificate, we will send you an email directing you to pay your annual fee. We will mail you your certificate and letter of evaluation once we receive your payment.
  • If you are not eligible for a certificate, we will send you an evaluation letter explaining why you are not eligible and what you need to do to qualify.

Teacher Qualification Service (TQS)

If you are eligible for a certificate, you also need to apply to the Teacher Qualification Service (TQS) for your TQS category. Public school boards use this category as one element in determining your salary level. When we send you your Ministry of Education teaching certificate, we will also send a copy of your certificate to the TQS as they will need this as part of your application to them. Please see the TQS website for more information.

How long will the evaluation process take?

Once we have received all of the necessary documents for your application, it generally takes two to four weeks for us to review your application and mail you the results. For this reason, we recommend that you start the application process before you arrive in BC.

Since we cannot complete our evaluation until we receive all of the necessary documents, you should contact the individuals and institutions who need to send us documents as soon as possible.

Our evaluation time also depends on whether the documents we receive for your file are complete and clear. If we need to ask you for additional information, this will delay the evaluation.

Remember that not all applicants qualify for certification. If you are moving to BC because you intend to teach here, you will want to receive the results of our evaluation as soon as possible. If you must meet some additional requirements to be eligible for a certificate, you will then be able to start on these requirements without delay.

How to find out the status of your application

We cannot tell you what documents are missing from your application until you receive an email that will list these items for you. You may contact us to ask whether or not we have received specific documents. We will respond to you within one to two business days. You can track your application status in the Applicants’ Area if you submitted your application online.

  • Email us at Please quote your file number in the subject line.
  • Phone us at 604 660-6060 or toll-free within Canada and the United States at 1 800 555-3684.

What are the possible outcomes of our evaluation?

There are three possible outcomes of our evaluation. You may be:

  • Eligible for certification. This means that you meet all our requirements and that you qualify for a permanent professional certificate.
  • Eligible for certification with requirements. This means that you meet enough of our requirements to qualify for a temporary conditional certificate. You will have to complete some additional academic courses to upgrade your temporary conditional certificate to a permanent professional certificate.
  • Ineligible for certification. This means that you currently do not qualify for a certificate. Our evaluation letter will tell you the specific requirements you must meet to qualify for a certificate. These requirements are valid for a period of five years, and they may include the completion of a program designed to familiarize you with the Canadian education system, as described in the section on basic eligibility requirements.

Our policy regarding your documents

All documents you send us as part of your application become the property of the Teacher Regulation Branch. We will not release the original documents or return any documents to you. We do not send documents to employers. In exceptional circumstances, we will forward verified copies of diplomas and transcripts to a limited range of educational bodies. You can find more information on the "Forwarding Documents to a Third Party Request Form" on the Forms and Publications page.

The application fee is non-refundable and you must complete your application within one year. If you do not complete your application within one year, you will be asked to submit a new application and fee with updated documents and information.