Applying for a First Nations Language Teaching Certificate

If you speak a First Nations language proficiently, you may be able to apply for a First Nations Language Teacher’s Certificate and teach your language and culture within BC’s schools.

To apply, your language authority must determine that you are proficient and recommend you to us for a certificate. See the Application Package for First Nations Language Teacher’s Certificate of Qualification for a list of recognized language authorities in BC.

If your First Nations language is not included on the list, you cannot apply for a First Nations Language Teaching Certificate. For information about how language authorities are established, see Information on Establishing a First Nations Language Authority.

How to apply for a First Nations Language Teacher’s Certificate

  1. Complete the forms in the Application Package, and mail them to us along with a non-refundable application fee of $245. Each of these documents is described in full in the application package information section.

  2. Ask two character references to complete and send us the Confidential Character Reference forms. If these forms arrive at the Teacher Regulation Branch before your application, we will keep them and add them to your file when we receive your application.

  3. Once we receive your application form and fee, we will create a file for you and place it in a queue based on the date we received it. If you have included your email address on the application form, we will email you within five to seven business days to confirm that we have received your application and tell you your file number.

  4. Please be patient as we review all files according to the date we receive them. Once an evaluator has reviewed your file, we will send you a letter listing any documents we are missing.

  5. If you are eligible for a First Nations Language Teacher’s Certificate, we will issue your certificate and mail it to you.

  6. You also need to apply to the Teacher Qualification Service (TQS) for your TQS category. Public school boards use this category as one element in determining your salary level. When we send you your teaching certificate, we will also send a copy of your certificate to the TQS as they will need this as part of your application to them. Please see the TQS website for more information.