Discipline Decisions

The Teachers Act is based on two foundational principles: the paramount nature of the public interest and transparency. As set out in the Act, the Commissioner for Teacher Regulation, an independent statutory decision maker, oversees all discipline processes and addresses concerns about the competence and conduct of certificate holders. Read more about the Commissioner.

The Teacher Regulation Branch provides operational and administrative support to the Commissioner and publishes the discipline outcomes on its website. The purpose of publishing discipline outcomes is to provide the public with the confidence that educators who fail to meet the Standards are held accountable.

Discipline outcomes are available below. These outcomes are published in full except where publication could cause significant hardship to a person who was harmed.

All archived decisions made by the BC College of Teachers under the Teaching Profession Act can be found under Archived BCCT Discipline, and those made prior to July 1, 2007 are only available here and are not accessible on the Online Registry. Please note that archived decisions made during the time of the College were organized based on the type of discipline process (hearing decisions, conduct review decisions, or consent resolution agreements) used in a particular case. If you don’t know the discipline process used for the case you would like to view, you will have to access each category to conduct your search. We will be streamlining this process in the near future to make it easier to find specific decisions.

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Office of the Commissioner for Teacher Regulation

Ensuring that concerns about the competence and conduct of certificate holders are addressed independently, fairly, expeditiously and in the public interest.

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