Complaints & Reports

The Teachers Act authorizes the Commissioner for Teacher Regulation to receive complaints and reports against any individual who holds or has held a BC teaching certificate. There are four main avenues by which a conduct or competence concern can be brought to the Commissioner’s attention:

  • A report regarding disciplinary action taken or a resignation under section 16 of the School Act or section 7 of the Independent School Act relating to the conduct or competence of a certificate holder*
  • A written complaint from any person from the public relating to the conduct or competence of a certificate holder
  • A written report from a certificate holder about serious misconduct of another certificate holder which is required to be made under the Teachers Act, or
  • On the Commissioner’s own initiative, when he becomes aware of information related to the competence or conduct of a certificate holder, including information about criminal proceedings.

*Pursuant to the School Act, all disciplinary action (including board suspensions or dismissals) must be reported in writing to the Commissioner without delay, and must be signed by the superintendent of schools. For independent schools, the Independent School Act specifies that any reports to the Commissioner must be signed by the principal of the school.

Need guidance in making a report to the Commissioner? Please refer to the documents and forms under Related Forms or Contact us.

Office of the Commissioner for Teacher Regulation

Ensuring that concerns about the competence and conduct of certificate holders are addressed independently, fairly, expeditiously and in the public interest.