Find a Teacher in the Online Registry

You can search our Online Registry of Certificate Holders to verify whether someone holds a BC Ministry of Education teaching certificate. Please enter the educator’s Last Name and/or Given Name(s) then click Search. The registry will display a list of educators that match your search criteria, including their certificate status and any public record of Teacher Regulation Branch disciplinary action, if such a record exists.

The registry does not include the names of applicants to the Branch: their names will not appear in the registry until we have evaluated their credentials and issued them a certificate.

Note: Should the results not show the person you are looking for, it could be for a variety of reasons, including:

  • the name you entered may have been spelled incorrectly,
  • the name you entered may not be the person's legal name, or
  • the person may not currently hold a teaching certificate. The person may have had the certificate cancelled for not paying the annual practice fee or not authorizing the five-year criminal record check, may have formally relinquished the certificate, or may have never held a teaching certificate.

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