Fee Information

Your annual fee must be paid by May 31 to retain a valid BC Ministry of Education certificate. The Teacher Regulation Branch will charge you a late fee of $30 for a payment that is received between June 1 and 30.

If your annual fee continues to be outstanding after June 30, your certificate will be suspended and an additional late fee of $30 becomes due and payable for a total of $140.

We will cancel your certificate if you do not pay your annual fee by October 31. If your certificate is cancelled, you will have to apply for a new certificate under the certification requirements in place at that time.

The annual fee is $80. Find more information about the requirement to pay the annual fee in the Annual Fee FAQ.

Payment Methods

  1. Payroll Deduction: The Teachers Act requires that boards and authorities deduct the fee from certificate holders they employ. For certificate holders employed in these systems, there is no need to submit a fee.
  2. Pay online via credit card: visit the Certificate Holders' Area to pay online. Note: Credit card data should not be emailed.
  3. Other payment method: Pay by cheque, made payable to the Minister of Finance - please include your certificate number on the back of the cheque and bring or mail it to the Teacher Regulation Branch. Post-dated cheques will not be accepted.

Payment Deadlines

March 1: Annual fee notice mailed and online fee payment available.
May 31: Last day to pay annual fee without penalty.
June 30: Last day to pay annual fee with a late fee but without suspension.
July 1: Certificate suspended for non-payment of fees. Renewal of certificate requires payment of the annual fee and two late fees of $30 each for a total of $140 payable until October 31.
November 1: Certificate cancelled for non-payment of fees. Completion of the application and evaluation process will be required for a new certificate.

Income Tax Receipts

  1. Payroll Deduction: If your employer deducts the annual fee from your pay, this amount will show on your T4 slip. A tax receipt will not be available to you through the Certificate Holders' Area.
  2. Payment Directly to the TRB: If you pay your annual fee directly to the Teacher Regulation Branch, you will be able to print your tax receipt from the Certificate Holders' Area.