Criminal Record Check

In January 2008, the provincial government changed the Criminal Records Review Act. All individuals who work with or have unsupervised access to children or vulnerable adults in the ordinary course of their employment must now complete a criminal record check every five years. This requirement applies to all those who work with children in organizations that the provincial government operates, funds or licenses.

As a result of this legislation, all Ministry of Education certificate holders must complete a regular cycle of criminal record checks. The Teacher Regulation Branch of the Ministry of Education will administer the criminal record check, and the Ministry of Justice will carry out the criminal record check.

Each year, approximately one-fifth of all certificate holders will need to complete a criminal record check if they have not done so in the past five years. When it is time for your criminal record check, we will send you a letter describing what you need to do to authorize us to complete the criminal record check on your behalf.

It is important to submit your criminal record check authorization to ensure that your BC certification remains in good standing.

If you have not completed a criminal record check with the BC College of Teachers or the Teacher Regulation Branch in the last five years, you must submit your authorization for a criminal record check by December 31, 2013. You can do this by either:

  • logging into your account in the Certificate Holders' Area and submitting your authorization online, or;
  • mailing us a long version paper-based Criminal Record Check Authorization Form

Note: The Teacher Regulation Branch is unable to provide criminal record check results to certificate holders or employers. Results are related to specific criteria as stipulated by the Criminal Records Review Act and are not transferable from organization to organization.